Benefits of Sleeping With the Lights Off

If you are afraid to sleep at night in a dark room began to train him. Sleeping with the light off so good for your health and can prevent some serious diseases such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Night's sleep in a dark room is really beneficial for the body. Joan biologist Robert said the new body could produce the hormone melatonin when there is no light. This hormone is a hormone that the body's immune able to fight and prevent many diseases including breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, the hormone melatonin it will not show up when people sleep at night with lights on. The presence of light or light to make the hormone melatonin production stops.

By turning off lights when you sleep at night, not only saves energy but also improve the health of the body. Then it's sleep that night while watching TV is also highly discouraged.

Other health practitioners, Lynne Eldridge MD is also the author of the book "Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time 'is also blind 80 percent of women wrote less exposed to risk of breast cancer than the average of other women. Presumably a lot of factors in body hormone melatonin as a dark vision have made him immune higher.

The importance of nighttime sleep by turning off the lights recently also been studied by scientists from Britain and Israel. Researchers found that when the light is turned on at night, can lead to over-expression of cells associated with the formation of cancer cells.

Scientists claim if a person awake at night and the lights on for a few seconds, it can cause biological changes that may lead to cancer.

If in previous studies sleep at night with bright lights associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. So on a recent study showed short-term exposure can also be associated with an increased risk of cancer.

"People who get up at night are advised to not turn on the lights. We believe that every time turning on of artificial light at night will have an impact on the body's biological clock, because this is a sensitive mechanism, "said Dr. Rachel Ben-Sclomo from the University of Haifa, as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday (13/4/2010 ).

Dr Rachel added that this is still limited to the latest findings and preliminary research. But now he and his team analyzed the middle of this region in more detail. These results have also been reported in the journal Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics.

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In another hadith ‘A’isha said, “The Prophet , may Allah bless him and grant him peace, used to pray eleven rak’ats at night. When it was dawn, he would pray two quick rak’ats and then lie on his right side until the mu’adhdhin came and gave the adhan. best snore mouthpiece

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